Accepting the Wonderful Uniqueness of My Own Self

Last weekend was one of the most enlightening times in my life. I attended an Archetypes workshop led by the wonderful Brian Dale. I have read some of Carolyn Myss’s books, including ‘Sacred Contracts’ in which she discusses ‘archetypes’ or … Continue reading

We Only See what We Think We See

The brain fascinates me. Our thoughts, attitudes and feelings, and our belief systems. The phrase ‘mind over matter’ has merit. ‘You are what you think you are’ makes sense. Our senses themselves are determined by brain functioning. What we ‘see’ … Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer Lovin’

This weeks photo challenge ‘ Lovin reminds me of summer sitting on the Pine River watching the ski boats as the sun sets …

Weekly Photo Challenge – Containers

Weekly photo Challenge take two on Containers

Weekly Photo Challenge: Containers – a Different Interpretation

Photo challenge this week – Containers Nundah Beach Brisbane

Enjoyment, Practice and Good Instruction Creates Wonderful Results

This waking just after 4am and not being able to go back to sleep obviously means my brain is rather active. This seems to be a recurring cycle. It’s great in summer when dawn arrives before 5am, but in winter? … Continue reading

Lemon Juice to Start the Day

I wake early and head outside to be greeted by the serene beauty of a clear sky blanketed by stars. It’s still dark, just gone 5 am and chilly by Brisbane temperatures. Winter here equates to clear blue skies. Temperatures … Continue reading

Learning To Draw and See Again

I’ve always loved art and drawing. Having the opportunity the past year to reacquaint myself with this beautiful past-time has been a blessing and cost a small fortune. The latter because my perfectionist and organised nature wants or perhaps needs … Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday: Dalek

Spotted on the road from Glen Innes to Tenterfield in New South Wales …

Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrasts

Deciding to get back to weekly photo challenge, this weeks theme is “contrast“. Taken recently on a weekend away at a beautiful rainforest in Maleny, the contrast of this one leaf amongst the others caught my eye …