A rather long account of who I am and how I arrived at where I am ….

The purpose of my life is to experience wisdom.

My mission to accomplish this is to experience joy, love and equality in every area of my life, to always work with integrity, spontaneity and optimism providing me with complete abundance.


*`•* ♥ * ♥ *•´*

Health and well-being. The core of our personal being. Bookshelves full of aromatherapy, herbs and herbal medicine, chakras, and energetic medicine healing texts. My early years nursing in cardiovascular medicine brought joy and happiness, until a work injury necessitated a shift to Indigenous community health management, and a Masters in Health Science. A blossoming desire to personally develop myself led me to undertake my Masters in Reiki and study Kinesiology. Along my journey I undertook short courses and workshops in crystal healing, reconnection, reflexology and massage.

Receiving craft kits and books from my grandmother and aunts developed a passion for a variety of crafts. Embroidery, wool embroidery, cross-stitch, patchwork, paper making, doll and bear making, decoupage and folk art, drawing and sketching, potpourri, card making, pottery and ceramics, beading, soap making, candle making and bath and beauty products to name the primary ones. Having a mother keen on crafts such as knitting, tapestry, patch-working, spinning and weaving and bobbin lace kept me motivated.

Having a father with a love of writing gave me inspiration. Having two beautiful loving and supportive parents allowed me to explore my creative nature. They also introduced me to reading, writing and photography and allowed me to explore life for myself. Tho it has taken me 50 years to fully realise the wonderful contribution they have made to my rich and varied life.

A profile analysis of my skills and interests undertaken when I injured my back asked what I was doing to encourage my highly creative skills. My answer was hobbies. Yet I was unsatisfied.

Ongoing stress working in an exhausting and highly stressful management position saw me decide to take a complete break from regular work after 30 years, and begin to reevaluate my life and myself.

*`•* ♥ * ♥ *•´*

My dream was to create a business combining health and wellbeing in the form of kinesiology and massage, reiki, reflexology and crystal healing. I wanted to combine this with a range of handcrafted products. 2011 saw this dream begin to take place. Maaral Kinesiology was born. Life changed again and i finally moved to Queensland. yet each state in Australia requires its own business name registration. When asked where the emotion was in my previous business registered in WA I could see none. Serenity – a word used by a friend some time ago … a word that has total peace, bliss, calm and pleasure … I love the word … Space – well I could be smart and say ‘the final frontier’ .. but space is a place to be, to indulge to let loose … and so the The Serenity Space was born.

After living most of my life in the west, I returned to Queensland in 2012, the land of my mother’s people, the place where I began my journey in health care, a place I have long desired to return to. In a way for me this is a full circle, another circle, in the journey of my life. My life continued to change drastically, fitting together like a jigsaw puzzle in which I haven’t had the whole final picture.

Things fall into place when we trust ourselves and the universe to provide.
When we let go of needing to be in total control, and the drive for financial gain.

*`•* ♥ * ♥ *•´*

Despite my dream, I know I set up some blocks, perhaps not fully confident in pursuing it, perhaps not fully prepared to follow it. In April 2012 I realised I needed to rethink life. That perhaps working from home would still keep me isolated. I missed my full-time working life. The stress from previous years took its toll to the point of making me look at life in a different way. It was here I realised I had been in’ The Dark Night of The Soul’

Following advice, I took a chance, and ended up with my dream job. Not a business of my own working from home. In a way that was an escape, a beautiful ideal. I re-entered Indigenous Health Care and now find myself being able to use my skills and capabilities in a different way.

I love natural therapies, health and well-being. When I do admit to MYSELF, and ignore what OTHERS THOUGHT I should pursue, it is for me, a side-line. What I have found tho is a unique way to incorporate so many of my skills into my working life. And the reality is that this is now what I have wanted to do for so long. I can honestly say, I LANDED THE DREAM JOB. And here I must say thanks to Denise Duffield-Thomas for her wonderful book ‘Lucky Bitch’ .

I have many people I know personally, online, and whose wonderful words of support and encouragement in the books and articles they have written, to thank for helping me along life’s journey to the place of serenity I am now in.
Life may never be perfect, but it is what we make it, and it is certainly a Magickal Life

*`•* ♥ * ♥ *•´*

My love of the feminine and goddess has been quiet for much of my life, but I found it coming to the forefront with strength and a knowing that this is who I am. I explore more the metaphysical and spiritual nature of life and myself. It is an incredibly large universe we live in.

As an empath, I closed off most of my feelings during my adult life, but over the past years life changed and I opened up my emotions and my connectedness with the world and universe. The journey in reiki and kinesiology was the catalyst and means of getting in touch with myself, of learning to like, love and accept myself and my skills. Of learning to accept my intuitive nature, and move from the thinking, rational and analytical side in which I dwelt for many years, to acknowledging the talents of my empathic nature that allow me to work well with others. Living the life of an empath has been a continuing theme through my blogs as I peel back layers and discover what it means for me.

Whilst some might say I am a healer, the reality is that we are our own healers. I consider myself an enabler, one who can support, encourage and provide a space for others to journey in their lives. My strong empathic nature assists me in this way. Kinesiology allows me to work with another, providing a means to tap into bio-circuits and bring to consciousness and surface what they need to enable their own improvements in their health and wellbeing. All that I use is regarded as a tool, one that the body identifies as being the most suitable for them to enable their journey into wellness and holistic health.

*`•* ♥ * ♥ *•´*

As I move forward in my new life, I find myself expanding. My thoughts and ideas and concepts blossoming, and though I know how my new journey starts, I have no idea where it will go. For me that is a beautiful thing. I do not have my future mapped out for once … I am enjoying the capacity to now flow where my life flows .. to experience and undertake what it is that enhances my life, and in so doing, the lives of all those I interact with, in whatever manner.

*`•* ♥ * ♥ *•´*

I use the name Maralgwyn in some areas. It is a combination of Maaral (my Aboriginal name given at my birth by the Wargite tribe of the Northern Territory of Australia – my mother’s tribe is Goreng Goreng from south-east QLD) ;…. and Gwyn for Gwynhwfar – the Welsh version of Guinivere /Jennifer ….

The following has always had meaning for me … in a way they are my constants …

*`•* ♥ * ♥ *•´*

☆ living as a person ☆ ;
☆ spreading my wings ☆
☆ learning to fly ☆
☆ to be set free ☆

*`•* ♥ * ♥ *•´*

~ we are shadow – we are darkness ~
~ we walk between the worlds ~
~ we are the guardians – the sentinels – the watchers ~
~ we cross space and time to be here ~

*`•* ♥ * ♥ *•´*

*`•* ♥ * ♥ *•´*

When I first started on this journey I wrote the following …

I know i’m not from here – never wanted to be – but got shoved here ahead of time – so have been trying to learn to live with it after 48 years – even tho I spent my whole life trying to get back home … but now I am beginning to understand why and the importance of so many life lessons … so it’s now a lil easier and I can begin to start a new chapter in my life …

My life is currently undergoing massive personal changes too that are both happy and sad ……

Now I am working through my lessons in patience and trust and letting go …..

I am in the process of finding myself again and rediscovering so many things that I have forgotten in my life …

It’s time for ME now ….

*`•* ♥ * ♥ *•´*
So what can I say except …
WELCOME to my WORLD … wander around … EXPLORE LIFE through my eyes … 
and above all …
*`•* ♥ * ♥ *•´*

Professional Qualifications:

I am a Registered Specialised Kinesiology Practitioner and member of the Australian Kinesiology Association; a Reiki Master and Massage Therapist and have undertaken a number of energetic workshops including Reflexology, Crystal Healing, Reconnection Healing and All is One.

MHSc (Master Health Science – Indigenous Community Health)
BN (Bachelor Nursing)
Adv Dip Kinesiology (Diploma Kinesiology)
Reiki Master
Certificate Whole Body Massage